CX40U 10 megapixel metallographic microscope 50x-500x

Model: CX40U
Magnification: 50x, 100x, 200X, 500X
Eyepiece: high eye point large field of vision flat eyepiece PL10x22mm
Output: USB3.0
Pixel: HD 10 megapixel
Resolution: 3584x2746
Support the functions of taking photos, recording, measuring, etc
Description Packing list
Model CX40U
Magnification 50X,100X,200X,500X
optical system The optical system of infinite far chromatic aberration correction
Observation tube 30 ° tilt, infinite hinge binocular viewing tube, pupil distance adjustment: 54mm-75mm, unilateral vision adjustment: ± 5 diopter
eyepiece High eye point large field of view flat eyepiece pl10x22mm
Objective lense Flat field infinitely long working distance achromatic metallographic objective lens (5x, 10x, 20x, 50x)
Objective transducer Internal positioning five hole converter
Coarse and micro focusing mechanism Dual purpose frame, low hand position coarse micro coaxial focusing mechanism, coarse adjustment stroke of 28mm, fine adjustment accuracy of 0.002mm, with adjustable elastic device to prevent sliding and random upper limit device, with platform position up and down adjustment mechanism, maximum sample height of 28mm
Loading stage Double layer mechanical mobile platform, coaxial adjustment in x.y direction at low hand position; platform area: 175x145mm, moving range: 76mmx42mm, with metal reflecting platform, glass reflecting platform
Upper lighting system Adaptive wide voltage: 100v-240v · AC50 / 60Hz, reflector room, single high-power 5wled, warm color, Kola lighting, with field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, center adjustable, with oblique lighting device
Lower lighting system Suitable for wide voltage 100v-240v · AC50 / 60Hz, transmission lamp room, single high power 5wled, warm color
Condenser lens Pan out achromatic condenser for transmission (n.a0.9), with variable aperture and adjustable center
sensor 10MP/ MT9J003 CMOS
Sensor size 1/2.3
Resolution 3584x2746 10 megapixel
Pixel size 1.67μmx1.67μm
Frame rate 7.2@3584x2746,24.5@1792x1372
exposure 0.1ms-2000ms
white balance ROI white balance / manual temperature regulation
Capture / control API C/C ++,C#,Directshow,Twain,Labview
Shooting mode Images and videos
Cooling system natural
working temperature -10 degree C~50 degree C
Storage temperature -20 degree C~60 degree C
Working humidity 30-80%RH
Storage humidity 10-60%RH
Advanced software for windows:
Provide splicing, EDF, video recording and measurement functions
Measure length, angle, radian, area, etc.
Provide your computer screen with the same field of vision as the microscope eyepiece
Save still images in BMP, tiff, JPG, pict, PTL or other formats
Edit and process microscope images in a Photoshop like way
Real time video and still image capture can be set at different resolutions at the same time
More functions: add layers, watermarks, mosaics, tiles; adjust color balance, exposure, saturation, contrast, direction; change resolution, histogram, graining, diffusion; transform image through edge detection, digital image deformation; measure single, parallel or vertical lines as well as rectangular, elliptical and irregular areas; add notes using customizable text with different sizes and colors, Measure, text, arrow, label, etc.; measure micrometer, millimeter, centimeter, inch, foot, etc. with required tolerance under any magnification.

1. 2x PL10x eyepiece 

2. 1x microscope mainframe bracket

3. 1x objective lens 5x

4. 1x objective lens 10x

5. 1x objective lens 20x

6. 1x objective lens 50x

7. 1x three lens

8. 1x power cord

9. 1x 10 million industrial camera

10. 1x USB3.0 connecting wire

11. 1x Software CD

12. 1x scale