MX6R 500X three eye metallographic microscope

Model: MX6R
Magnification: 50x, 100x, 200X, 500X
Eyepiece: high eye point large field of vision flat eyepiece PL10x / 22mm
Objective: lmpl-bd infinite long working distance bright and dark field metallographic objective (5x-dic, 10x-dic, 20x-dic, 50x)
Description Packing list
Product model MX6R
Magnification 50X、100X、200X、500X
optical system The optical system of infinite far chromatic aberration correction
eyepiece High eye point large field of view flat eyepiece PL10x / 22mm
Objective lense Lmpl-bd infinite long working distance bright and dark field metallographic objective (5x-dic, 10x-dic, 20x-dic, 50x)
Observation tube 5-35 ° angle adjustable, positive image, infinite hinge three-way observation tube, pupil distance adjustment: 50-76mm, single side vision adjustment: ± 5 diopter, two-stage split ratio 100:0 or 0:100, (support 22 / 23 / 16mm field of view)
converter Tilt in field five hole converter with DIC slot
Mirror body Coarse and fine adjustment coaxial, coarse adjustment stroke 33mm, fine adjustment accuracy 0.001mm, with coarse adjustment mechanism upper limit and elastic adjustment device. Built in 100-240V wide voltage transformer, dual power output
Loading platform 6 "three-layer mechanical mobile platform, reflection stroke 158 × 158mm, transmission stroke: 100 × 100mm, glass worktable, right hand X and Y mobile handwheel, with clutch handle, can move quickly
Reflected lighting system With variable field stop and aperture stop, adjustable center; with filter slot and polarizing device slot; with bright and dark field switching mechanism, preset center, continuously adjustable light intensity
Transmission lighting system Single high power 5W led, white, light intensity continuously adjustable. N.a.0.5 condenser, with variable aperture diaphragm
Polarizing device Polarizing mirror insert plate, 360 ° rotating polarizing mirror insert plate
Camera accessories 0.5x camera receiver, C-type interface, adjustable focus (used together with the positive image three eye observation cylinder)

1. 2x eyepiece PL10x

2. 1x microscope mainframe bracket

3. 1x objective lens 5x

4. 1x objective lens 10x

5. 1x objective lens 20x

6. 1x objective lens 50x

7. 1x three lens

8. 1x power cord