SWG-100X industrial inspection metallographic microscope 50x-500x

Model: SWG-100X
Magnification: 50x, 100x, 200X, 500X
Eyepiece: high eye point, large field of vision, flat eyepiece WF10x22mm
Objective: flat field achromatic objective with infinite working distance (5x, 10x, 20x, 50x)
Description Packing list
100x industrial inspection microscope is suitable for Microscopical Observation of the structure and geometry of the workpiece surface.                                                         With the excellent design concept of infinite optical system and modular function, it is convenient to upgrade the system and realize polarized observation, dark field observation and other functions.
It is suitable for the detection of workpieces with different thicknesses. The mechanical movable loading platform can effectively locate the observation parts of workpieces.
Product model SWG-100X
eyepiece Large field of view WF10x (number of field of view Φ 22mm)
Infinite flat field achromatic objective PL l5x / 0.12 working distance: 26.1 mm
PL l10x / 0.25 working distance: 20.2 mm
PL l20x0 / 0.40 working distance: 8.80 mm
PL l50x / 0.70 working distance: 3.68mm
Eyepiece tube The eyepiece is 30 ˚ inclined and can be photographed with 100% light.
Landing lighting system 6v30w halogen lamp, brightness adjustable; built in field light bar, aperture light bar, (yellow, blue, green, frosted glass) filter conversion device, push-pull polarizer and polarizer
focusing system Coarsely fretting coaxial focusing, with coarsely operated wheel tightness adjustment device, fretting grid value: 2 μ M.
Converter Five holes (internal positioning of internal ball)
Workbench Overall dimension of substructure: 300mmx240mm
Overall dimension of mechanical stage: 185mmx140mm, moving range: transverse 35mm, longitudinal 30mm

1. 2x eyepiece WF10x

2. 1x microscope mainframe bracket

3. 1x objective lens 5x

4. 1x objective lens 10x

5. 1x objective lens 20x

6. 1x objective lens 50x

7. 1x three lens

8. 1x power cord, power controller