SWG-1030SD three eye metallographic measurement microscope provides professional metallographic measurement software

Model: SWG-1030SD
Magnification: 50x, 100x, 200X, 400X
Eyepiece: high eye point, large field of vision, flat eyepiece wf10x22mm
Functions: two point, point line, three point circle, center distance, concentric circle, parallel line and other measuring tools;
Description Packing list
Product model SWG-1030SD
eyepiece Large field of view WF10x (number of field of view Φ 22mm)
Infinite flat field achromatic objective PL l5x / 0.12 working distance: 26.1 mm
PL l10x / 0.25 working distance: 20.2 mm
PL l20x0.40 BD working distance: 7.2 mm
PL l40x0 / 0.60 BD working distance: 3.98mm
Magnification 50X、100X、200X、400X
Eyepiece tube The binocular body is inclined at 30 ˚ and the pupil distance is 53-75mm
focusing system Coarsely fretting coaxial focusing, with locking and limiting device, fretting grid value: 2 μ M
Converter Five holes (internal positioning of internal ball)
Loading stage Double layer mechanical movable stage, boundary dimension: 210mmx140mm, moving range: 63mmx50mm
Landing lighting system 6v30w halogen lamp, brightness adjustable; built in field light bar, aperture light bar, filter conversion device, push-pull polarizer and polarizer
Transmission lighting system Abbe condenser na.1.25 up and down
Built in field light bar in the light collecting mirror
Blue filter and frosted glass
Chip structure FPGA+ ARM
operating system LINUX3.10
Kernel structure Cortex-A9
Main frequency 1Ghz
Optical size 1/2 inches
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Frame rate 60fps
Measuring function Two points, point line, three point circle, center distance, concentric circle, pointing circle, coil, parallel line, rectangle, angle, radian, polygon
Data preservation Measurement results for image or Excel data saving
measuring method Mouse operation, intelligent selection / manual selection
Interface 2 USB interfaces, connecting USB disk, wireless mouse or keyboard
working voltage 12V
working temperature -10 degree -70 degree

1. 2x eyepiece WF10x

2. 1x microscope mainframe bracket

3. 1x objective lens 5x

4. 1x objective lens 10x

5. 1x objective lens 20x

6. 1x objective lens 40x

7. 1x three lens

8. 1x power cord

9. 1x HDMI measuring camera

10. 1x 21.5 inch display