SWG-2600C 40x-1600x monocular biomicroscope can be connected to industrial camera

Model: SWG-2600C
Optical enlargement:40X-1600X
Observation tube:Monocular TV,tilted 45 degrees,360 degrees of rotation
Objective lens:Achromatic lens,4X,10 x, 40 x (spring),100x(The oil mirror)
Description Packing list
SWG-2600C Monocular biological microscope,TV interface can be connected to the camera.It is very suitable for primary and secondary schools,teaching and laboratory for biological sectioning,pathological sectioning,bacteriological section and other teaching research.
The instrument is small and exquisite,easy to carry,suitable for classroom,outdoor,home observation learning.
Optical enlargement 40X-1600X
Observation tube Monocular TV interface can be connected to the camera,tilted 45 degrees,360 degrees of rotation
Eyepiece WF10X/18mm,WF16X
Objective lens Achromatic lens,4X,10 x,40 x (spring),100x(The oil mirror)
Converter Three holes conversion

Loading stage

Double mechanical mobile platform,size 115mm×125mm,Moving range 74mm×30mm
Focusing mechanism Coarse micro coaxial,coarse 20mm,fine-tuning of 1.3mm
Condenser Abbe concentrator,N.A.=1.25,with variable aperture
Light source LED cold light source,high brightness,rechargeable,adjustable brightness
Power External regulated power adapter,DC5V/2A

Remarks:This product has a built-in lithium battery that can be used for charging

1、1X eyepiece WF10X/16
2、1X Huygens eyepiece WF16X
3、1X objective lens 4X
4、1X objective lens 10X
5、1X objective 40X
6、1X objective 100x(The oil mirror)
7、1X microscope body
8、1X power adapter