SWG-2KHD HDMI industrial camera

Model: SWG-2KHD
Resolution: 1920 * 1080; real time frame rate: 60fps
Built in measurement software, supporting video recording and picture taking functions, which can be played back;
Support u disk storage function, and can be connected with mouse;
Description Packing list
Built in the new V3.0 measurement system, new: user-defined interface editing, user-defined template editing, DXF import template, file management;
Measurement data export and other functions, more intelligent, faster and more powerful operation;
The new system improves image definition again;
Sony high sensitivity, low noise sensor, powerful performance, smooth preview;
It adopts arm cortex A7 dual core @ max1.3ghz processor, which works smoothly and stably;
Built in video recording and picture taking functions can be played back;
Built in automatic edge searching function to improve the measurement effect;
Support u disk storage function, and can be connected with mouse;
Support point spacing, point line spacing, line spacing, center distance, arc, circle, angle, rectangle, polygon measurement and calibration functions, and automatic edge finding 
Product model SWG-2KHD
Output interface HDMI
sensor 1/2 inches
Image resolution 1920x 1080
pixel 2 million pixels
Pixel size 3.75μm x 3.75μm
Frame rate 60fps
Data bits 12bit
Exposure mode Line by line exposure
colour Color R / g / b adjustable
Image freeze Support
OSD Support
Storage function Support for taking photos and recording
Lens interface C
Measuring function Two points, point line, three point circle, center distance, concentric circle, pointing circle, coil, parallel line, rectangle, angle, radian, polygon
Data preservation Measurement results for image or Excel data saving
measuring method Mouse operation

1. 1X measurement hdmi4k camera

2. 1X HDMI cable

3. 1X mouse

4. 1X 12V adapter power supply

5. 1X scale

6.1X U disk 16G