SWG-4KN700 HD measuring microscope 6 inch mobile platform

Model: SWG-4KN700
4K high definition measuring microscope
Magnification: 20x-200x
Pixel: 8 million pixels
Output: HDMI, Gigabit Network
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
OSD menu UI design
U disk save, support taking photos and recording
Description Packing list
Product model SWG-4KN700
Changing times than 1:6. 5
Changing times ratio 20X-200X
Working distance 105mm
The auxiliary lens 1 X / 100 mm, 1.4 X / 100 mm
Focusing stents Adjustable tightness of focusing handwheel, lifting range 50mm
Column diameter 32mm
Column length 500mm
The lens aperture 50mm
The mobile platform 6 inches large platform, stroke 120*90mm, size: 355*230mm, base light source 50mm-110mm diameter card slot. Glass size: 200*180mm
Plate size 400 x300x8. 6 mm
Output interface HDMI, Gigabit network
The sensor 1/1.8 of an inch
Image resolution 3840 x 2160
pixel 8 million pixels
Pixel size 1.85 mu m x 1.85 microns
Frame rate 60fps
Data bits 12bit
Exposure method Line by line exposure
color Color R/G /B adjustable
The image is frozen support
OSD support
Storage capabilities Support photography and video recording
The camera interface C
Measurement functions Two points, point line, three point circle, center distance, concentric circle, pointing circle, coil, parallel line, rectangle, Angle, radian, polygon
Save the data Measurement results for image or Excel data storage
Method of measurement Mouse operation, intelligent selection/manual selection
Light source LED continuous adjustable
The input voltage 12V
The output power 4.5 W.
Working distance 40-160mm
Maximum intensity of illumination 60000 Lux
The light bulb brightness MAX3500 mcd
Display 27 inches

1. Main lens of 1x microscope

2. 1X microscope stand

3. 1X 4K HD measurement camera

4. 1X 27 inch display

5. 1X 144led light source

6. 1X power adapter

7. 1X HDMI cable
8. 1X mobile platform