SWG-AF200 Large field of view AFM industrial camera

Model: SWG-AF200
Large field of view HDMI autofocus integrated lens
Output interface: HDMI 2 megapixel 1920 × 1080 / 60fps
Sensor: CMOS 1 / 2.8 inch
Brightness, white balance: Auto / manual
Function: OSD menu, mouse operation supported, color R / g / b adjustable
Product model SWG-AF200
Sensor type Color CMOS
pixel 2 megapixel
Pixel size 1/2.8"
menu All digital UI design
Operation method Mouse control
power DC5V
Output method HDMI
Display frame rate 1080p @ 60fps / 1080p @ 50FPS
Scanning method progressive scanning
white balance Auto / manual
exposure Auto / manual
shutter speed 1 / 50s (1 / 60s) - 1 / 10000s
Optical magnification 1〜14
Working distance 10 cm ~ ∞
Digital amplification 1~6
digital zoom Support
Scaling ratio FOV (10cm working distance) FOV (30cm working distance)
1X 171mm*92mm 420mm*230mm
2X 89mm*50mm 196mm*110mm
3X 71mm*40mm 150mm*84mm
4X 60mm*33mm 116mm*65mm
5X 52mm*29mm 101mm*57mm
14X 24.3mm*13.5mm 45.5mm*25mm

1. 1X autofocus camera

2. 1X HDMI cable

3. 1X wired mouse

4. 1X 5v-1a power adapter

5. 1X power cord