SWG-HD500C HDMI measuring microscope magnification 17X-110X

Model: SWG-HD500C
Changing times: 1:6. 5
Eyepiece: 0.5 X
Objective: 0.7 X - 4.5 X
Optical digital amplification :17X-110X
Working distance :100mm
Output: HDMI, 1920*1080 resolution
Functions: Integrated one-button power supply, self-adaptive variable measurement;
Description Product Renderings
Product model SWG-HD500C
Changing times than 1:6.5
magnification 17X-110X
Working distance 100mm
Vertical arm focus range 100mm
The base 260*320mm
The LED light source Inside 96 lamp beads,LED high brightness ring light source white light
pixel 2 million pixels
The sensor A third "COMS
The resolution of the 1920*1080P
Frame rate 60FPS
The USB interface 2 USB ports, can connect U disk, wireless mouse or keyboard
The output HDMI output comes with an 11.6 display
(optional external HDMI interface display)
Chip structure FPGA+ARM
The operating system LINUX 3.10
The kernel structure Dual-core architecture A9
Frequency speed 1Ghz
function Integrated integrated structure one-key power start; Measurement of variable adaptive change; Support photo saving, picture playback, picture contrast, center crosshair function
Measurement functions Between two points, point to line, three-point circle, centroid distance, concentric circles, point to circle, line to circle, parallel lines, rectangle, Angle, radian, polygon
Save the data Save image or Excel data with measurement results
Measuring way Mouse operation, intelligent/manual selection points
Working voltage Input 100V-240V-AC50/60Hz, output DC12V2A
Working temperature - 10-70 degrees
display 11.6"

1. 1X integrated microscope host

2. 1X 11.6-inch display screen

3. 1X mouse

4. 1X USB flash drive 8G

5. 1X adapter power supply