SWG-HDVS100 HD HDMI output industrial camera

Model: SWG-HDVS100
Crosshair overlay
HDR wide dynamic
Edge enhancement
Strong light suppression
Color independent adjustment
High speed 60fps / S
Description Packing list
Product model SWG-HD200
Image specifications 1920 × 1080 * 24bit
Frame rate 60 FPS @ 1920x1080
Optical dimensions 1 / 3 inch
Pixel size 2.75x2.75um
Color adjustment R. G and B are independent and adjustable
White balance regulation Single key setting / manual setting
Exposure adjustment Auto mode / manual mode
Contrast adjustment Manual setting
Suppress strong light mode Level 3
Edge enhancement mode Level 3
Crosshair function 4 groups of lines horizontally and vertically, movable, color optional
Lens interface C
Power Supply 5V-12V
Outline size 51x51x49mm
weight 150 g
working temperature 0-70 ° C