SWG-L45B three eye continuous zoom stereo microscope 8x-50x

Model: SWG-L45B
Magnification: 8x-50x
Eyepiece: 10X
Objective lens: 0.8x-5x
Light source: LED adjustable up and down light source
Description Packing list
Product model SWG-L45B
eyepiece Large field flat eyepiece WF10 / 22
Objective lense 0.8x-5x continuously adjustable
CTV interface 0.4X
Nose Binocular tilt 45 degree 360 degree rotation
Pupil range 52mm-75mm ± 5 visibility
Working distance 115mm
base Vertical arm led transparent / reflective
Loading platform round plate ø125mm glass plate / black and white plate
Hair light source Led continuous adjustable
input voltage AC100V—240V

1. 1X mainframe three lens 0.8x-5x

2. 2X eyepiece 10x

3. 1X interface 0.4xctv

4. 1X upper and lower light source bracket

5. 2X eye patch.

6. 1X dust cover

7, 1X power supply