SWG-S0645 stereomicroscope

Model: SWG-S0645
Greno optical system, compact body, smooth lines, while ensuring excellent optical performance, increase the power of the fixed function
Eyepiece: PL10X
Optical amplification: 6.7x-45x
Description Packing list
Product model SWG-S0645
Observation head Three eye observation head, 45 ° tilt, with built-in interlocking mechanism, fixed eyepiece cylinder, with fixed frame and multiplying mechanism and multiplying limit function design
eyepiece High eye point, large field of vision, flat eyepiece PL10x / 22mm, adjustable visibility
Pupillary range 52mm-76mm
CTV interface 0.5X
Optical amplification 6.7X-45X
Working distance 110mm
Lifting range 200mm
Base pillar 255 * 200mm, Φ 100mm black and white platform, column diameter 32mm, vertical height 230mm
Lens aperture 76mm
Hair light source LED (144 pieces) continuously adjustable
input voltage 12V-0.5A
output power 4.5W
Working distance 40-160mm
Maximum illumination 60000 Lux
Bulb brightness MAX3500 MCD

1. 1X host lens 0.67x-4.5x

2. 2X eyepiece 10x

3. 1X microscope stand

4. 1x144led light source

5. 2X eye patch.

6. 1X dust cover