SWG-S500-FLB three eye stereomicroscope 3.5x-90x rocker arm bracket

Model: SWG-S500-FLB
Rocker folded three-dimensional microscope
Magnification: 3.5x-90x
Eyepiece: 10X
Objective lens: 0.7x-4.5x
Auxiliary objective lens: 0.5x/2x
Working distance: 30mm-165mm
Light source: 144 led adjustable light sources
Description Packing list
Product model SWG-S500-FLB
eyepiece High eye point large field eyepiece wf10x / 20mm
Objective lense 0.7x-4.5x continuously adjustable
CTV interface 1X
Auxiliary objective 0.5X/2X
Nose Binocular tilt 45 degree 360 degree rotation
Pupil range 52mm-75mm ± 5 visibility
Working distance 95mm
L mm 348mm
column diameter 32mm
Column and cross arm interface Vertical double hole joint
Cross arm type rocker arm
Cross arm length 340mm
Horizontal rotation range 360 degree rotation
Type of base Clip type
Pinch size 50mm
Hair light source LED (144 pieces) continuously adjustable
input voltage 12V-0.5A
output power 4.5W
Working distance 40-160mm
Maximum illumination 60000 Lux
Bulb brightness MAX3500 MCD

1. 1X mainframe three lens 0.7x-4.5x

2. 2X eyepiece 10x

3. 1X interface ctv1x

4. 1X rocker FLB bracket

5. 1X objective 0.5x

6. 1X objective lens 2x

7. 1x144led light source

8. 2X eye patch.

9. 1X dust cover