SWG-S500B2 7x-45x stereo microscope upper and lower light source

Model: SWG-S500B2
Binocular stereomicroscope
Magnification: 7x-45x
Eyepiece: 10X
Objective lens: 0.7x-4.5x
Working distance: 100mm
Light source: up and down halogen light source, independent switch brightness adjustable
Description Packing list
Product model SWG-S500B2
eyepiece High eye point large field eyepiece wf10x / 20mm
Objective lense 0.7x-4.5x continuously adjustable
CTV interface 1X
Nose Binocular tilt 45 degree 360 degree rotation
Pupil range 52mm-75mm ± 5 visibility
Working distance 100mm
Base pillar 200x255x60mm, column height: 240mm, diameter: 32mm
lighting 12V / 15W halogen lamp, brightness can be adjusted independently, equipped with pressing plate and φ 95mm black and white plate and glass plate

1. 1X mainframe three lens 0.7x-4.5x

2. 2X eyepiece 10x

3. 1X interface ctv1x

4. 1X upper and lower halogen lamp light source bracket

5. 2X eye patch.

6. 1X dust cover

7. 1X power cord