SWG-VS400 auto focus storage electron microscope

Model: SWG-VS400
Magnification: 13x-96x
Pixel: 2 million pixels
Output: HDMI HD
Display: 13.3 "
AF auto focus, OSD menu UI design
U disk save, support taking photos and recording
Description Packing list
Product model SWG-VS400
Zoom ratio 1:7
Magnification 13X-96X
Working distance 105mm
Guide rail travel 60mm
Base column 380mm * 250mm; column height: 326mm
Lens aperture 50mm
Autofocus Focus area customization supported
image sensor 1 / 2.8 "color 2 million CMOS
Lens interface C / CS type
OSD All digital UI design / mouse operation
Power Supply DC5V
data interface HDMI
Display frame rate 1080P@60fps/1080P@50fps
Scanning mode Progressive scanning
white balance Manual / automatic
exposure Manual / automatic
shutter speed 1/50s(1/60s)~1/10000s
brightness Adjustable range 0-100
colour R / g / b independently adjustable
Horizontal vertical line 4 horizontal and vertical, movable position and adjustable color
HDR support
Storage function Support to take photos, record videos, and save USB flash disk
Digital amplification support
Light source LED (144 pieces) continuously adjustable
input voltage 12V-0.5A
output power 4.5W
Working distance 40-160mm
Maximum illuminance 60,000 Lux
Bulb brightness MAX3500 mcd
Display 13.3 "

1. 1x microscope lens

2. 1x microscope bracket

3. 1x auto focus storage camera

4. 1x 13.3 inch display screen

5. 1x 144led light source

6. 1x wired mouse

7. 2x adapter power supply

8. 1x HDMI cable