SWG-W2800 40-1600 times high definition electron biomicroscope

Model: SWG-W2800
Resolution: 3584x2746 10 million pixels
Optical amplification: 40x-1600x
Eyepiece: wide angle wf10x / 20mm, wide angle wf16x / 15mm
Objective: infinite flat field high contrast full achromatic objective HC plan 4x, 10x, 40x (s), 100x (0, s)
Description Packing list
SWG-W2800 biological microscope adopts ergonomic design, with smooth lines and beautiful appearance. This series of models has excellent optical system,
Imaging is more clear, easy to observe and use, long time observation is not easy to fatigue. Built in handle, easy to take and move
It is very suitable for teaching research, clinical experiment and scientific research analysis of biology, pathology and bacteriology in Institutions of higher learning, medical and health care, laboratories and scientific research institutes
Product model SWG-W2800
Magnification 40X-1600X
Eye mirror Wide angle wf10x / φ 20mm, wf16x / 15mm, adjustable visibility
Object mirror Infinite flat field high contrast full achromatic objective HC plan  4x, 10x, 40x (s), 100x (O, S)
Camera eyepiece 1X
Sight glass Infinity hinge type three eyes: 30 ° inclined, 360 ° rotatable pupil spacing: 48-75mm (without push-pull rod, light splitting ensures that both visual observation and digital images can be fully illuminated)
focusing system Coarse inching coaxial, coarse adjustment stroke 20mm, fine adjustment accuracy 0.001mm, adjustable upper limit of tightness, random positioning
Commutator Tilting type four hole, ball bearing internal positioning
Carrier Double layer mechanical moving platform, triangular steel column guide rail up and down, area: 188mm × 145mm, moving range: 76mm × 54mm, double slices can be clamped
Focusing mirror All Cora Abbe condenser, n.A = 1.25, up and down, center adjustable, variable diaphragm
Light collector All Cora illumination, adjustable field diaphragm
Light source LED cold light source, 3W, precise stepless dimming, no flicker
Electric source External switch regulated power supply, input ac90-240v, output DC 6.5v/5a
pixel 10 megapixel
Resolving power 3664×2748
Image adjustment Primary white balance / manual, exposure control auto / manual
Image control Image size, photographing, exposure time, gamma, contrast, brightness, RGB gain, saturation
Optical size 1 / 2.3 in
Appearance size 33.9mm * 45mm * 56mm
Video output USB output C / CS
Image storage (raw / BMP / JPG) supports Twain and DirectShow interfaces
software system Windows XP (32bit / 64bit), vista, win7 (32bit / 64bit) provide a complete software development package (SDK)
software function 2 point drawing line, circle, arc, three point circle, point to line distance, circle to circle distance, point to circle distance, polygon circumference area, angle, anchor point positioning, recording measurement track, trace, real-time display of measurement results, support digital partial amplification, support photographing, video recording, directly output to word, EXCEL documents to generate simple report
Advanced software for windows:
-Provide splicing, EDF, video recording and measurement functions
-Measure length, angle, radian, area, etc.
-Provide your computer screen with the same field of vision as the microscope eyepiece
-Save still images in BMP, tiff, JPG, pict, PTL or other formats
-Edit and process microscope images in a Photoshop like way
-Real time video and still image capture can be set at different resolutions at the same time
More functions: add layer, watermark, mosaic, tile; adjust color balance, exposure, saturation, contrast, direction; change resolution, histogram, graining, diffusion; pass edge detection,
Digital image morphing to transform images; measuring single, parallel or vertical lines as well as rectangular, elliptical and irregular areas; using customizable text with different sizes and colors
Add notes, measurements, text, arrows, labels, etc.; measure micrometers, millimeters, centimeters, inches, feet, etc. at any magnification with the required tolerance.
1、2X wide-angle eyepiece WF10X/16
2、2X wide-angle eyepiece WF16X
3、1X objective lens 4X
4、1X objective lens 10X
5、1X objective 40X
6、X objective lens 100X
7、1X microscope body
8、1X power adapter
9、1X 10 million industrial camera
10、1X USB3.0 data cable
11、1X drive CD