SWG-X56LED light source microscope 56 lamp beads

Model: SWG-X56LED
Inner diameter: 59mm with rotating 360 ° metal ring
Power: 3.5W
Lamp beads: 56 white LED lights
Maximum illumination: 12000lux
Working distance: 50-250mm
Description Packing list
Product model SWG-X56LED light source
Hair light source LED light emitting diode
inside diameter 59mm metal ring with 360 degree rotation
input voltage AC90-240V
output voltage 12V/0.5A
power 3.5W
Working distance 50-250mm
Maximum illumination 12000LUX
Product life > 30000HRS
brightness Brightness 0-100% adjustable
colour white
Lamp beads 56 pieces

1. 1X x56led light source

2. 1X power adapter