SWG-XD300 inverted phase contrast biomicroscope 100x-400x

Model: SWG-XD300
Resolution: 3584x2746 10 million pixels
Optical amplification: 100x-400x
Eyepiece: wide field of vision eyepiece WF 10x
Phase contrast Objective: 10x
Open field objective: 10x, 20, 40x; four hole converter
Description Packing list
   SWG-XD300 inverted microscope is a kind of inverted biomicroscope, which adopts excellent infinite optical system and can provide excellent optical performance. Streamlined design concept, compact and stable high rigid body, fully embodies the anti vibration requirements of micromanipulation. Ultra long working distance concentrating system can observe the culture cells of high culture dishes or cylindrical flasks without contamination, and the lighting system fully considers Heat dissipation and safety, ergonomic design concept, make the operation more convenient, comfortable and safe, more spacious. The phase contrast device can be attached to the optical path to achieve phase contrast microscopic observation. This instrument can carry out microscopic observation on cell tissue, transparent liquid tissue, and dynamic microscopic observation on culture tissue in the dish, which can be applied to scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, medical and health care, inspection and quarantine Inspection and quarantine, agriculture, animal husbandry, dairy and other departments.
Product model SWG-XD300
Magnification 100X-400X
Eye glasses Wide field of view eyepiece WF10x; field of view: Ф 22mm
Eyepiece interface: Ф 30mm; focusing distance: 10 mm
Centering telescope
Eyepiece tube 45 ° tilt, binocular pupil distance adjustment range: 48-75mm, eye point height is 400mm from the table top
Open field objective 10x / 0.25; working distance: 4.27mm; thickness of cover glass: 1.2mm
20x / 0.4; working distance: 8mm, cover glass thickness: 1.2mm
40x / 3.5; working distance: 3.5mm; thickness of cover glass: 1.2mm
Phase contrast objective 10x / 0.25; working distance: 4.27mm; thickness of cover glass: 1.2mm
Standard php2
Converter Four hole converter
focusing system Coarsely fretting coaxial, fretting grid value: 2 μ, coarsely adjustable, with locking and limiting device, effective focusing stroke 11mm
Condenser lens Long working distance condenser, working distance 70mm, with inserted plate phase contrast device
Loading stage
Culture plate
Movement range (transverse x longitudinal): 112mmx79mm, removable ruler
86mm (W) x129.5mm (L), suitable for round culture dish Ф 87.5mm
34mm (W) x77.5mm (L), suitable for round culture dish Ф 68.5mm
57mm (W) x82mm (L)
Phase contrast system Phase contrast, pull plate phase contrast condenser, adjustable center of phase contrast ring
Lighting 9W led, brightness adjustable
Color filter Frosted glass, blue filter
Tuning tool

Hexagon socket (M4, M5)

Advanced software for windows:
-Provide splicing, EDF, video recording and measurement functions
-Measure length, angle, radian, area, etc.
-Provide your computer screen with the same field of vision as the microscope eyepiece
-Save still images in BMP, tiff, JPG, pict, PTL or other formats
-Edit and process microscope images in a Photoshop like way
-Real time video and still image capture can be set at different resolutions at the same time
More functions: add layers, watermarks, mosaics, tiles; adjust color balance, exposure, saturation, contrast, direction; change resolution, histogram, graining, diffusion; transform image through edge detection, digital image deformation; measure single, parallel or vertical lines and rectangular, elliptical and irregular areas; use customizable text with different sizes and colors; add notes Interpretation, measurement, text, arrow, label, etc.; measure micrometer, millimeter, centimeter, inch, foot, etc. with required tolerance under any magnification.

1. 2x wide-angle eyepiece WF10x

2. 1x phase contrast objective 10x

3. 1x objective lens 10x

4. 1x objective lens 20x

5. 1x objective lens 40x

6. 1x microscope bracket

7. 1x power adapter

8. 1x 10 million industrial camera

9. 1x USB 3.0 data line

10. 1x drive disc